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Studio Review: Focus Barre & Yoga - Philadelphia, PA

Studio Review: Focus Barre & Yoga - Philadelphia, PA


Staying in Downtown Philadelphia has so many benefits, and one of them for me is finding so many great studios to check out within an arms reach. 

Determined to try a local studio, I opted out of my usual go-to’s like CorePower Yoga and Barre3. Lucky for me, I found Focus Barre & Yoga just two blocks from my hotel.

Tucked between street level retail shops there was a door into a stairwell to go up to the studio.   At the top of the stairs was a small reception area where you are asked your name and immediately checked in. Quick and concise. I had arrived a few minutes early so I was hoping for a little introduction to the studio, the space, but managed without.

They provided filtered water to fill up your bottle, a wall with cubbies for your belongings and a set of lockers with keys.

The room where class was held was just beautiful. The walls were painted a pale purple (not usually a fan, but it worked here), the carpet was clean, there were large windows with sheer coverings giving the room a soft look. 

The instructor had placed the props we would need at the front of the room as a guide, and we could pick our own from neatly organized baskets.

The women in class didn’t really interact much before or after the class, which I always find interesting when I try to get a read on the community vibe.

Our instructor had great energy. Not too much pep, but just the right amount of enthusiasm to get the packed class ready to work, sustain long painful planks, and give it our all for the last set of “just a few more!”

She offered stretches at just the right moments, like when you are certain you are about to walk out on her. And her playlist was on point, she took the time to rev up the song when we were pushing, and dial it back to a slower song when stretches were happening.

After class, everyone left just as quick as they came, no dilly dallying or small talk- could just be an East Coast thing.

Overall, it was an awesome workout and I’m so glad it really warmed me up before I went walking around the city in 35 degree temps.

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