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Studio Review: Evolve Movement - Raleigh, NC

Studio Review: Evolve Movement - Raleigh, NC


Despite wanting to sleep in, or at least to a normal West Coast time, I forced myself to get up early and take a class in Raleigh. I found a studio that provides many body work methods, along with barre, yoga and pilates. I saw a class that had a description to the effect of “You’ll leave class feeling like you just had a massage!” And I was sold.

The studio has a nice welcoming lobby with plenty of retail and was offered a tour of the studio.

Karen, the instructor, introduced herself and guided me to pick out the props I needed and then took me into the room where class was held and introduced me to all of her regular attendees.

At first I was worried I was crashing a breakfast club, but was soon put at ease as Karen started to ask about my job and what brought me to class. 

The class started with a self administered full body scan, laying on the floor, noticing how the spine laid on the mat, did our legs turn in our out, were our shoulders against the floor or rounded in towards your chest, were they hunched up by your ears, etc.

We then progressed to a few of the most uncomfortable positions I’ve ever been guided into and held them for several minutes, in an effort to release. I'll be honest, I was concerned I had permanently injured and altered my back after position 1 and 2. But, as we progressed, Karen did in fact know what she was doing. As we moved along, I noticed my spine starting to move and behave much looser and comfortably. 

I loved learning new techniques using rollers and small pinky balls for fascial release in the pecks, shoulders, and along the arms. 

We then moved down to the legs and worked out the quads. I was excited to learn a much gentler way to roll out the pesky IT band. 

Karen often offered suggestions on how to achieve the same goal but with more or less intensity.

She was so passionate about getting our bodies back to square one and teaching us how to do it ourselves so we can function with ease on a day to day basis.

Karen invited me to bring my whole crew next time, and honestly I cant wait for another layover so I can go see her again!

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